Capturing the Excitement.

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted something about my writing here. I was planning on getting a blog up yesterday but I had an unfortunate fall from my bicycle on the way home from work which meant I just spent the evening feeling sorry for myself and licking my wounds (not literally) for the night instead.

Anyway, after writing my first blog post I made the decision to start my short story from scratch again. Technically, it’s the second draft. I made the decision because I believe that if you’re going to dedicate so much of your time to something then it needs to be something that you’re passionate about. I had no love for the half-written story in my notepad but the characters, tone, atmosphere and relationships that were in my head just continued to develop every time I thought about them and that made my decision a lot easier.

So I’m a few hundred words in to my second draft which may not sound like much but it’s quite an achievement for me. I have such little time to write now that whenever I get any writing done at all I feel like I’ve achieved something. With just the beginning written though I feel like this is already a much better story and just a nicer piece of writing: I’m really happy with the tone I’ve built so far with a sprinkle of foreshadowing and a couple of easy-to-miss hints at what is to come. I feel like I’m managing to capture the Dracula-style element I was aiming for. Of course this is my own opinion, but being pleased with your own work is a great starting point.

Starting this blog has had the effect I hoped for, it is causing me to think about my writing every day. And it made me remember that the idea for the short story I’m currently writing actually came from a series of short stories I had planned and half-written previously. There was a time a few years ago when I was hoping to publish a collection of short stories; the idea being that they were all about different characters in the same vicinity and their paths would cross every now and then, like Heroes or The Street or something similar but written down. A collection of short stories rather than a novel because each one was different, focusing on a different character and viewpoint each time, with varying tones; standing alone but feeding into one another for a large effect. It seemed like a strong idea at the time but I’m not sure what the market is like for collections of short stories. A little more difficult to sell as an up and coming writer I feel.

I’m sort of undecided what to do when I finish the short story I’m writing. Part of me is tempted to post it on here for the world (read: 3 viewers) to see or to enter in into competitions and see what happens. With my track record of finishing projects I’ll have a while to decide yet, but at least it’s exciting.

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