A New Burst!

It’s been almost 10 days since I wrote my last post about giving up writing. Since that post, I have written every single day. What a hypocrite!

The day I decided that it was all too much for me and that I was never going to get anywhere, I had a new idea for a novel. And this little seedling of an idea has remained in my head as if it was planted there by Leonardo DiCaprio himself (Inception, come on) and is slowly taking over my mind.

I find myself back in my comfort zone, writing a fantasy novel set in an imagined world with rules to be decided at my own volition. In short, the story revolves around an Evil King and his search for magic after the dwarves disappeared centuries ago, the exiled loner who is breaking into the Kingdom and freeing children from the mines they are forced to work in, and the assassin ordered by the king to kill said man.

While still in the very early stages of planning that’s a very brief and simple outline of a much larger story. I wasn’t aware of the scale of work I’d taken on with this idea, especially as I want to be able to tell the story from all three characters’ points of view. While all of the characters do cross paths with one another at certain stages, I am effectively writing three separate novels and tying them all together in one. Obviously this is not a new thing, but for someone who so rarely finishes what he starts when it comes to writing, it’s quite a task.

Like I mentioned, however, this story is now always in my head and I’m coming up with ideas every single day, adding them to my story planner (made of strings, post it notes and craft pegs on the wall of the spare bedroom) and am slowly seeing things take shape.

So far, the story is one that I really like, which is always a good start when you’re going to be spending a lot of time on something; the characters feel real, effective and the relationships appear strong.

I’m looking forward to writing this.

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