I have been plagued by unfinished stories for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I loved to write and I would begin to write books that were very much ripping off whatever my favourite television show at the time was (ranging from Digimon to CBBC’s Raven for anyone that’s interested) but I would never see it through to the end.

Despite the stacks of unfinished works my passion for writing never left me and eventually I went off to the University of Sunderland to study Media Writing. At this point I had more of an interest in writing for film or television but I’d say that and novels are back on equal footing now. Anyhow, at university I found exactly what I needed.

Before leaving home for Sunderland I didn’t have too many people to share ideas with and discuss our latest projects – I would talk to people and they would hear me, but whether they were actually listening or not, I guess only they knew. Anyway, at university I was surrounded by like minded people on my course and among my flatmates who took a genuine interest in what I was writing or what ideas I had and I will always be grateful for that experience.

Having people around to talk to and take an interest gave my motivation a much needed surge which has again faltered since I left that environment. When I first met Becky and as our relationship grew I was writing the early chapters of my first novel (that I planned to finish). She took an instant interest and always wanted to know what was happening next and when the next chapter would be written which encouraged me further to write more and more.

So as I struggle for motivation once again, I decided I would start to post about my writing here, as an attempt to engage people and even start discussion, or even just for myself. Even if nobody reads, it will help to get my thoughts down and maybe even motivate me to finish something!